Welcome to The Law Of Attraction World !!

Hello Everyone,

This is the  first post on this blog. I welcome all the readers. I am sure you know that this blog is about The Law of attraction. because this is the title of the blog ! So let me share  the purpose of this blog…

I come to know about phenomenon called The Law of Attraction in March 2009 from the very popular documentary movie “The Secret
I realized that this is something that I have been using this concept since my childhood.. ! I was very excited about it. When I watched The secret movie for the first time I was having my Guj-cet [It is kind of  Entrance Exam] after a month. So , I decided to put The Law of attraction in to practice. So I created My first Vision board, I wrote ” 120 out of 120″  i.e. I wanted to achieve 100% marks (total 120 marks) in that exam. And Guess what?  I scored 100% !
After that I have applied The law of Attraction many times and I have been manifesting whatever I want.

After My first Experience, I read lots of books,blogs, watched many videos regarding The law of attraction. So, This is an initiative to spread awareness about The Law of Attraction and to make resources regarding  this phenomenon available to everyone.

very soon you will find lots of material and useful posts regrading The law of attraction in this blog. So, keep visiting this blog :)

Thank you
-Viral Parekh